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Do you feel the power in casting off chains that have held you back so you become all you can?

Could you get excited about living with zest every day?

Then you need to meet Carol-Ann Hamilton.

Within moments of being in her presence, you’re sure to witness her bone-deep commitment to see you unleash your full potential on the world.

She’ll stop at nothing to see you realize these results – and more!

If you’re truly ready and willing to move your life to a whole new level of fulfillment and abundance, then you need to be working with Carol-Ann to uncover your bigger vision and leave behind whatever has been stopping you in your tracks until now.

As you stand directionless before many confusing pathways, let this Crossroads Navigator help you make sense of it all.

Check Out Carol-Ann’s Raving Fans

Join the thousands who have benefitted from Carol-Ann’s coaching, facilitation and healing expertise for over 25 years.

With Carol-Ann on your side, you’ll experience unparalleled safety. You’ll feel her enveloping care even while challenging you to cut through those barriers you’ve never been able to surmount – until now.

As her many loyal clients attest, don’t delay a minute longer!

Draw on Carol-Ann’s powerful combination of integrity and enthusiasm so you step boldly forward into the life of your choosing.  Clarity, vitality, strength and courage are the results you’re guaranteed to attain as you learn to access and apply your inner wisdom through her proven techniques and strategies.

Not to mention health, wealth and happiness as you heal your relationships, eliminate energy drains and live with balance!

Lots of Services to Choose From!

Whether you’re looking to coach with Carol-Ann individually or in group settings (via workshops, special events, teleseminars or online offerings) you’ll find her an untiring catalyst and supporter.  Always in your best interests, she’ll teach from her experience (the only “credibility” one ever has) if it serves to improve your circumstances.

Yes, Carol-Ann would be first to acknowledge she has learned many of her lessons the hard way – through what she calls “spiritual 2 X 4’s”. For this reason, she’s also first to invite you to profit from her journey so your life becomes one of ease and grace.

Carol-Ann’s Dedication

That’s why she has dedicated her professional and personal career since the 1980’s to transformation – whether it has been to inspire leaders to inspire results in workplaces by treating employees right or by enthusing people one-on-one to reclaim the magnificence of Who They Really Are.

A self-described “work in progress”, Carol-Ann profoundly sees herself as a Transformation Agent who refuses to stop growing until her 112 (at minimum!) years are up. As such, she plans to keep sharing her learning in the fervent wish her contributions will do their part in evolving the planet’s consciousness.

Carol-Ann’s strong and clear intentions take these forms:

  • She has outright written or been invited to author chapters within a number of best-selling books on leadership, entrepreneurship and personal growth.
  • She offers workshops, talks, programs plus coaching for those who like to study in various forms.
  • She contributes a monthly column to a newsletter for Administrative Professionals – along with her own articles. Search her archives here.
  • Look up her Facebook Page where she shares with visitors her thoughts, quotes, funny videos and cartoons, plus photos of life and travels.
  • Stay tuned for her online newsletter, Internet Radio Shows called “Rise Above It” and “The Corporate Healer”, Pissed-Off Journal TM, e-book on coping with impossible elderly parents.